Company registration in North Macedonia

Registering a company in North Macedonia comes with lots of advantages. The ease of doing business and the business environment is conducive to trade and commerce. With access to many European markets, North Macedonia is set to become the trade hub for Europe.

The Company Law of the country governs all business activities; procedures, rules, policies, and regulations. Foreign and domestic individuals can own and partner in any form of business entities such as partnerships, limited liability company, joint stock company, sole proprietorship etc.

Our team of experts welcomes you onboard to make your journey towards registering and running your company, comfortable and exciting. The team will assist you in documentation, permits, regulatory matters, legalities, and more.

Corporate business structures in North Macedonia

The permitted business structures in the country are:

  • General Partnership,
  • Limited Partnership,
  • Joint Stock Company (JSC),
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC),
  • Sole Proprietorship.

Limited Liability Company

The department responsible for registering all formats of business in North Macedonia is the Central Register. A series of requirements is prescribed for the registering an LLC in the country, such as name of the company, name of owners/shareholders, financial details, etc.

Joint Stock Company

The provision in the North Macedonian law regarding a JSC and prescribes rules as to how the company can be formed, managed, and controlled.

Our years of experience and successful track record at your disposal. We will act as your representatives and ensure that all legalities and regulations are followed as per the

Other formation solutions

Branch Office

Having a branch office in North Macedonia gives businesses access to European markets and trade. Step by step guidance and assistance we offer, enables our clients to settle and operate from the country an easy affair.

Holding Company

A holding company is best for businesses that indulge in more than one trades at a time. A holding company offers centralized management while decentralized operations at the same time.

The essential paperwork, documents, and permits required for a Holdco are handled expertly by our team. With each step dealt with care and to our clients’ satisfaction.

Company registration requirements

As laid out in the Company Law of North Macedonia, below are the requirements for registering a company:

  1. Name of the company, 
  2. Core business, 
  3. Headquarter of the company, 
  4. Corporate trading bank, 
  5. Name of owners/shareholders etc., 
  6. Representative in North Macedonia, 
  7. Financial details.

Legal adress

It is important that the legal address of a business shall be located within North Macedonia for registration purposes. However, and office can be registered on a virtual address if the company is already registered.

Understanding and following the legalities may prove overwhelming if it is your first attempt to registering an office or a company. Our comprehensive solutions for businesses assist them to establish and run their business operations smoothly.

Corporate bank account

Having a corporate bank account is crucial for business. Absence of one would make transactions and day-to-day affair impossible. A number of documents and verifications are required for a opening a corporate bank account in North Macedonia.

Our team of banking experts will assist and guide you in this process to ensure that you have one or as many corporate accounts at various banks as required by your business.


It is required by the law to submit bank statements, balance sheets, statements of changes, income statement, various other financial documents at the time of registering a company.

Learn from our expert advice in our accounting section and reach out for further advise!

Value Added Tax Number (VAT)

VAT in North Macedonia is applied to almost all products and services offered by companies. There are two types of VAT applicable, so it is important to know which category your business falls into.

Reach out to us for advice on VAT registration and process to ensure you are registering for the right VAT.

Consultation about Company registration

From preparation, application, submission, to actual execution, our team of experts will guide you throughout the process in manner and momentum you are comfortable with.

You may expedite or adopt a relaxed approach is totally up to you. The team will ensure that everything is in order as prescribed in the law and no regulations are violated. Setting up meetings with investors and officials, or managing accounts and audit reports, we will ensure that you are a step ahead every single moment!

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