Banking solutions in North Macedonia

The banking sector in North Macedonia is a mix of 14 private banks, a state bank, and a few investment houses. The state law allows foreign banks to have their representation in the country either by branching in North Macedonia or establishing a separate legal entity. The top 3 banks based on capital and transactional volume, the Kmoercijalna Banka, the NBG Stopanska Banka Skopje, and the NLB Bank, combinedly hold a 50% share of the deposits made nationwide.


Businesses nowadays deal with multiple banks simultaneously. Whether the transactions are online, or physically handled, every instance needs to be adequately recorded and accounted for. Our services include primary to complex banking needs; from deposits and withdrawals to cumbersome account reconciliations and audits, we keep you abreast with the banking needs!

Open bank account in North Macedonia

Opening a bank account in a North Macedonian bank requires various documents, with physical presence essential in most cases. We leverage our reputation among the financial institutions to enjoy special favors in the account opening process. Verification of clients with our reference takes half as much time as otherwise.

Our representative will assist and guide you through the entire process.

Types of bank account

Banking has changed globally, with newer restrictions imposed to curtail illegal financing and misuse. Some countries don’t allow their citizens to transact internationally or in foreign currencies altogether. North Macedonian banks come in as lifesavers for such citizens as they offer international and foreign currency transactions from anywhere in the world.


North Macedonian banks provide complete secrecy and safety to individual and corporate account holders. You get the freedom to choose between various top-ranking currencies; USD, GBP, AUD, CAD, EUR, and many others. You can even have a savings account set up in any currency you wish, with attractive rates of interest, and watch your money grow with time.

Personal bank account

Personal accounts are important to carry out day-to-day transactions, especially for non-residents visiting North Macedonia. The bank provides the account holders with debit/credit cards, checkbooks, and plenty of other instruments that facilitate their visit to the country.

Corporate bank account

All business transactions require a corporate bank account. Our team of experts provides clients with hassle-free corporate account maintenance, which allows them to operate their businesses smoothly. Periodic audit and reconciliatory reports shared with the clients keep them informed and subsequently make informed decisions.

Trading bank account

Credit is one of the most crucial components of international trading. Credit is advanced to companies who have a long-established relationship, yet not all enjoy the same level of mutual trust. We step in to bridge the gap between your company and your international clients; our credentials are acknowledged and endorsed globally. Leverage our expertise and reputation by partnering with us in international trade options.

Email us, or call us right away to get in touch with our trading representative for consultancy and assistance.


More or less every type of bank account would require: 

  • A valid passport or ID card,
  • Company certificates,
  • Filled out application,
  • Recent paid-up utility bills (if applicable),
  • Details of directors/shareholders/partners.

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