Company formation in North Macedonia

The North Macedonian government welcomes all businesses to the country. The Company Law dictates that foreign and local entities shall enjoy similar rights and privileges. There are no restrictions regarding the structure and format of business an individual or company chooses to observe; proprietorship, partnership, limited liability, etc.

Our team of experts guides you effortlessly through the labyrinthine of documents and procedures and assists you in navigating your way to well-deserved success!

Considering North Macedonia

Studies conducted by impartial international institutions suggest that the North Macedonian economy has a promising future. The country has proved its mettle in providing top-notch services to a worldwide clientele. State policies and stable political regimes contribute to the country being further conducive to flourishing businesses.

Form a company in North Macedonia

We offer turnkey solution to our clients; from registration through set-up. Owing to our experience, skilled personnel, and long-standing reputation, individual investors and consortiums love to partner with us.

Form a business in North Macedonia reliably

We assist you in:

Business formation steps

Thankfully, North Macedonia has strict procedures and protocols to avoid future irregularities. Though simple, these procedures and protocols require paperwork and lots of attention to ensure success.

The process includes the below-listed phases.


Market research

Knowing your target audience (customers) is as important as knowing how you want to serve them. It includes understanding demography, behavior, need assessment, and much more. Market research helps you segment the population and design better and more fulfilling products and services.


Choosing the company name

Your company’s name is your first brand ambassador too. We assist you in choosing the best name for your company. Not only that, our team will assist you to ensure availability and registration as well.


Document preparation

Order and completion of documents are vital to registration. A single missing document can jeopardize the entire process. With us, you can rest assured that all required documentation will be complete, in order, and submitted in time.


Corporate bank account

A corporate bank account is inevitable for business transactions. We will provide you with the necessary references and prepare documentation for the smooth initiation of a corporate bank account.


Tax identification number

All taxation and returns are submitted through a unique Tax Identification Number (TIN). From submission to allotment, our team will assist you in obtaining TIN to set you of on your successful journey.


License acquisition

Depending on the nature of business, variation in licenses and permissions occur. Similarly, various businesses enjoy tax exemptions, while others pay additional charges.

Let us sort out what licenses and permits your company needs while you peacefully focus on other matters.

Consultation about company formation

The product or services you offer, and the capital invested is detrimental in deciding the structure and nature of the company. While proprietorship may work for some, limited liability firms may suit others. Advise at each step will help you determine which format of the company works best for your business.

Form a company by one of the following types of business structure:

Limited Liability Company

A LLC is the most popular format of business in North Macedonia. While simple to operate, the company still needs the below measures for registration and set-up. 

  • Registrations; name, trade mark, tax number, FDI, etc.,
  • Article of association; preparation and submission 
  • Corporate bank account.

Joint Stock Company

Whether it’s the right partners to form a joint stock company you are looking for, or wish to list your company on the stock market for public invitation, we are your choice. Our PR penetration and credentials are sure to attract the perfect solution for your business.

Other formation solutions

Branch Office

A branch office is essential if you wish to expand into new territories. We cater to all the needs associated with setting up a branch office. You can start right away by setting up a limited liability company, the most popular business structure in North Macedonia.

Holding Company

Holding companies are most desirable by businesses that deal in many product & service verticals. We offer fast-track solutions to convert your company into a holding company so may enjoy the benefits that come along with such companies.

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