Register Branch office in North Macedonia

Though the North Macedonian law allows companies to own and operate commercial or representative branch offices in the country, the legalities and paperwork required to satisfy the state is a cumbersome process.

We provide offshore companies with turn-key solutions and one window operations. You can focus on the business while we take care of the premises, legalities, liabilities, utilities, and all and sundry augmented issues associated with the office.

Setup a branch office

All branch offices are registered with the Trade Registry department of North Macedonia. The key to successful registration is fulfilment of statutory documentation. Our seasoned business attorneys assist clients with compliance throughout the process of registration and beyond.

The services include, but are not limited to:

Branch office registration conditions

The Trade Registry Department of the country provides a one window operation regarding establishing and registration of business offices.  

Generally, the requirements are as follows: 

  1. Company’s name,
  2. Core business,
  3. Country where the business is based out of (headquartered),
  4. Names of: Founders/owners/board/shareholders/etc.,
  5. Official bank for business activities and details thereof,
  6. Personnel details to be deployed in the branch office,
  7. Financial details; capital, liabilities, assets, bank guaranties, etc.,
  8. Terms & conditions of profit & loss distribution.

Required documents

Preparing documents for a successful registration of branch office is vital. Usually, the Trade Registration Department requires contact details of owners or stakeholders, registration of the company where it is headquartered and branches in other countries, financial details, etc.

Preparing these crucial documents for a foreign country can be overwhelming at times. Our highly trained associates provide unmatchable assistance to clients to ensure that all documents are eloquently prepared in the required order. Each document is taken care of to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Benefits of Branch office in North Macedonia

The core and probably the biggest advantage of business presence in North Macedonia is the leverage businesses derive from double taxation treaties. The country has signed treaties with all major economies of the world, hence protecting businesses against paying taxes twice; once in North Macedonia and a second time in their home country (10% ICT).

Another advantage is the country’s standardized audit and account system; the state treats foreign and local businesses equally; the same laws govern all.

Branch office solutions

From preparation and submission of documents to selection and setting up branch offices, the clients receive professional and practical advice at every step. North Macedonian state has delivered a conducive business environment; ease of business, dual taxation treaties, accountancy and audit simplification, and lenient legal policies. These strategies have started to pay off over the years by attracting internationally leading companies to set companies in the country.

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