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Business solutions in North Macedonia

By partnering with us you would have access to the deepest insights into North Macedonia’s hidden and unravelling market barriers at all times. Our assistance solutions commence well before you have even registered for the company, and the advisory continues well after you have established your company.

From identifying the best name for your business to providing consumer behavioral data; from obtaining the necessary permits and licenses to devising a comprehensive brand strategy. From preparing auditory reports to furnishing accounting details, we advise you on each step of whatever it takes establish, operate, and maintain your company in the country.

Company Formation

North Macedonia Company Law permits all types of company formats as long as the core business does not conflict with the policies.

Foreign investments are welcomed and encouraged due relaxed policies and regulations. So, whether it’s an entrepreneurial startup or a Joint Stock Company you wish to establish, the business environment is perfect!

Limited Liability Company

Among the plethora of services we offer, services regarding establishing an LLC include but are not limited to:

  1. Advising name for the company, 
  2. Choosing address for the business, 
  3. Preparing financial details and papers for submission, 
  4. Accounting & audit. 

Joint Stock Company

For small and medium enterprises, a Joint Stock Company (JSC) is most favorable. This format helps in matching the place and employees and avoid or minimize retrenchments.

Choosing the right partners for your business, addressing the fundamentals, incorporation, staffing, and other vital processes is what our solutions revolve around regarding formation of a Joint Stock Company.

Other formation solutions

Branch Office

The Trade Registry handles applications regarding branch offices in North Macedonia. Due to the reliable business environment and friendly trade policies, foreign investors prefer branching out in the country; this provides them access to many Central European markets and the Balkan region.

Far away from your home country, we act as your representatives in planning, developing, and executing a fully functional branch office without you ever being present here.

Holding Company

Having an optimal corporate structure is key to a successful business enterprise. Often times enterprises fail to choose the best structure for their business, in time they face heavy loses and have to turnaround on their choices.

We study your business inside out, provide you with the best strategies, and we test those strategies by running them through life-like business simulations and real-time scenarios. These tested and proven strategies help your company grow, flourish, and excel. 

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Our services are holistic and entail every aspect of business formation. The registration process for a business starts off by submitting three names to the Central Register, department that is responsible company registration. On the next stage applicants are required to submit name of the owners/stakeholders, business address, financial documents and other information for verification.

We advise clients on what format of business is most suitable for their business. If it’s a sole proprietorship that connects more to your core business or a limited partnership will be more beneficial. We discuss, elaborate, and run real time business simulations so that all that can go wrong can be dealt with before hand.

Registration solutions

The Company Law of the country prescribes the following essentials for registering a company:

  1. Name of the company, 
  2. Core business, 
  3. Headquarter of the company, 
  4. Names of owners/stakeholders/partners etc., 
  5. Name of corporate bank and account details, 
  6. Authorized representative in the country, and power of attorney if so required, 
  7. Details of initial capital, 
  8. Financial details (assets, liabilities, tax payments, etc.). 

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While you focus on your business, we prepare, submit, and follow up the process on your behalf. Know more on here:

Doing business in North Macedonia

North Macedonia offers a series of benefits for businesses in the country. The policies are designed to encourage foreign direct investments, partnerships, JSC, LLC, and other type of business in the country.

To sum-up below are the top-of-the-line benefits businesses can reap by operating from the country:

  • Ease of doing business,
  • Affordable human resource that is multilingual and talented,
  • Low cost of living,
  • Conducive to startups and enterprises,
  • Relaxed and favorable tax conditions,
  • Developed IT infrastructure and its key verticals,
  • Geographical location allows access to many European markets,
  • Traveling opportunities.

Business solutions

The policies and regulations are there to assist and encourage businesses, but it takes a wise mind and experienced worker to extract maximum benefit. We are here to serve as your auxiliary mind and experienced worker.

Read more about how you can excel in a new startup or branch office or a company in North Macedonia here:

North Macedonia company registration services


Over the years, companies have learnt by experience that an outsourced accountancy firm is more effective and efficient than an inhouse department. The core reason behind this is that over time the employees become oblivious to changing tax regulations, and policies. These changes occur rapidly and are applied in the most current accounting needs.

Our expert accountants are tested for their acumen and competency regularly. Hence the advice we offer is current, most relevant and up to date.

Get bookkeeping solutions

Bookkeeping is the raw form of recording business transactions as they happen. Converting this record into comprehensible and acceptable data for legal and regulatory representation and audit takes effort, experience, and knowledge.

We offer comprehensive accounting solutions to our clients, using accounting techniques that are globally accepted by the government and other bodies. Get to know more about how effective accounting can help you attain tax optimization and benefits.

Incorporate in North Macedonia jurisdiction

We have assisted hundreds of individuals, corporations, and business entities over the years in establishing and operating successful businesses. Their success stories are something we take pride in.

Partnering with us will allow you access to thousand of business scenarios where failure was imminent but warded off by timely advice, intelligence, and most of all seasoned experience. You also get access to hundreds of case studies, tons of market intelligence reports, and a myriad of business researches conducted and complied by our experts for a list of clients, some of which even listed on the Fortune 500.

Do connect for advisory session on how you can enter the booming North Macedonian market and access the Central European region more effectively!

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