Limited liability Company in North Macedonia

The most popular choice for business in North Macedonia is establishing a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Foreign and local investors alike choose an LLC over other formats as it is easy to register, maintain, and operate. The prevailing tax regime in the country attracts investors in herds, while the business environment is conducive to progress and expansion.

For years we have been facilitating our clients with remarkable services regarding registration, accounting and audit, documentation, bridging with investors, operations, and much more. Our solutions are tested and have a proven success rate like no other firm in the country.

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Limited liability Company registration conditions

The North Macedonian Company’s law requires at least one director who is an individual and one shareholder who doesn’t necessarily have to be in the country for the registration process. The minimum paid-up capital required is Euro 50000.


Generally, it may take up to 8-10 weeks on average for the registration process; from submission to approval and other requirements, such as corporate bank account, internet banking set up, etc.

The duration of the process is also dependent upon the health of the submitted documents, nature of business, etc.

Compulsory regulation

The North Macedonian Companies law requires the below from all applicants.

  1. Complete documentation,
  2. Permits and licenses,
  3. Certificates,
  4. Account and audit.


Requirements pertaining to documentation as per the Companies Law are following:

  1. Name of the company,
  2. Core business,
  3. Headquarter of the company in North Macedonia,
  4. Official corporate bank,
  5. Authorized representative in North Macedonia,
  6. Initial capital,
  7. Information on liability, assets, debts of the owner(s).

Consultation about Limited liability Company registration

If you are new to registering an LLC in North Macedonia, it is normal that things will get confusing at times. You need guidance and assistance at every step. With us on board, rest assured that the entire process will go smoothly.

From planning to submission and execution, we are in hands with our clients so that they can focus on other important matters. We follow a strict timeline and ensure that no time is wasted.


Accountancy and audit are compulsory state regulations that every company must adhere to. We provide top-notch accounting and audit services throughout the country. Very few accounting firms compete with us in this area.

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The Corporate Income Tax (CIT) in the country is 10% flat, applicable on all type of companies on the profit realized in a fiscal year.

Bank account

From filling up the essential forms and submitting the documents and paying the prescribed fee; We offer complete Corporate Bank Account opening solutions. Every business needs a corporate account for business transactions and day-to-day activity, and we understand that need completely.

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Other legal forms in North Macedonia

As per the Company Law of North Macedonia, below mentioned forms of company are available for registration:

  • General Partnership Company,
  • Limited Partnership Company,
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC),
  • Joint Stock Company (JSC),
  • Limited Partnership by Stock,
  • Sole Proprietorship.

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