Business support solutions in North Macedonia

Businesses are all about connectivity. A company is connected to government bodies, investors, employees, customers, and stakeholders all at the same time. Thus, the performance of a business is decided by how fluid the connectivity is.

Regardless of what business you are in; food, agriculture, automotive, construction, or any other – we ensure that you connect with only the best of their fields!

Company registration

Like elsewhere, registering a company in North Macedonia means following a series of steps. From initial application to certification, all steps require submission of information, documents, and other compulsory actions from the applicants.

We provide holistic services regarding company registration, execution, and operation. So, our clients never have to look for any further assistance as long as we are onboard.


Regulations and laws regarding taxation, audit, and accounting change constantly. It is paramount to keep abreast of these changes to ensure compliance with these regulations and laws.

Instead of devising an in-house taxation and accounting department, businesses find it much easier and more economical to partner with us for all their needs in this regard.

You too, can benefit from our accounting acumen and years of experience and save yourself money, time, and hassle.


A corporate bank account is integral to business operations and transactions. Our company formation agents are well versed and up to date regarding the most current requirements for opening a corporate bank account. Not only that, we will also assist you in choosing the bank that will suit your enterprise and operations the most.

Tax solutions

We excel in providing top-notch tax services in the entire Balkan region, especially North Macedonia. From offering BPO services to payroll to HR solutions, we cover the whole nine yards.

Business in North Macedonia

Over the years North Macedonia has undergone a massive turn-around in its economy and business environment. Doing business in the country is now more efficient, much easier, and most of all reliable, owing to the stable political and government policies.  

Upon closer inspection below are the reasons that make the country a desirable business destination: 

  • Geographical location 
  • Open trade policy  
  • Financial and political stability 
  • Conducive to trade tax and duty framework 

Doing business

Time and again, investors and foreign companies have endorsed the fact that North Macedonia has the perfect business conditions.

Know more about the ins and outs of doing business in North Macedonia on the link below.

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