Accountancy in North Macedonia

Macedonia over the years has emerged as one of the world’s finest accountancy services providing nations. Large corporations and public sector ventures rely on accounting and tax consultancy firms based out of North Macedonia. Our company stands out from the clutter as our reputation precedes our competitors as we offer top-notch services in maintenance of financial accounting, bookkeeping, statutory compliance and audit, reporting, and much more!

Bookkeeping solution

Our team of professionals has all the experience and updated knowledge base about the global accounting and bookkeeping laws. With everchanging requirements and demands, we aim to provide the best value for your money as an in-house accountancy team and take the burden off your shoulders. Whether you require one-time consultancy in a specific area, or our full-fledged services package on retainership, we are eager to have you on board.

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Maintenance of financial accounting and reporting

When businesses grow, so do transactions; often so overwhelming that it eludes how to keep track any longer. We provide large corporations and growing businesses, hassle-free and customized accounting maintenance and reporting services at very attractive fees. We promise you comfort and trust as an augmented product.

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Support for statutory or internal audit

States require accounts and books to be updated and audited periodically. Unless there is an in-house team of dedicated experts that can keep up with the constantly changing statutory laws, businesses may find themselves caught up in the act. Don’t spend a fortune on hiring a team, instead, take advantage of our internal audit support with complete peace of mind.

Preparation of annual reports

Annual reports that present the facts and figures, and yet remain engaging and interesting are true works of art. We excel in that art. We ensure that your annual report is not just a number sheet, but a true masterpiece. A representation of all that you have achieved, the challenges you faced, and the triumphant comeback you’ve made.

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Drawing up permanent reports on accounting documents

Businesses are perpetual entities, some record needs to be carried over to the next financial year, instead of closing down. We assist you in managing the accumulated backlog as well as maintaining the future needs of permanent accounts reporting. Information is arranged in a manner that is accessible in the blink of an eye. 

Management of company accounts

Payables, receivables, debts, expenditures, assets, liabilities, etc., etc. the list just keeps growing. Where it is essential to record all transactions, it is equally critical that this information is handy and accessible at a whim. Our advanced, tailormade software solutions and accounting skills assist companies to manage an enormous amount of transactional data across multiple points in a centralized format. Where the information is streamlined, maintained, and secure for all purposes.

HR payroll management

Whether it’s a company of 50 or 5000 and more, maintaining payrolls is a recurring process. The complexity of HR policies as to deductions, bonuses, leave management, and a multitude of other aspects requires specialized servicing. We offer unmatched support in payroll management by ensuring nothings gets entangled and confusing.

Benefits of outsourced accounting

Partner with us to bring you streamlined accountancy solutions. It will not only significantly cut down your expenses on an in-house team but will also provide multidimensional experience and updated knowledge of laws and state requirements.

Bookkeeping for business

With various accounting techniques of bookkeeping, we choose what works best for you. We can even customize the process to suit your needs. Something very few companies in the country offer.

Taxes in North Macedonia

North Macedonian tax law dictates that a legal entity conducting business through a Permanent Establishment (PE) in the country, whether resident or non-resident, is subject to Corporate Income Tax (CIT) in the country. While the resident entities are taxed for income generated anywhere in the world, the non-resident businesses are taxed for their income generated exclusively from their PE in Macedonia.

Previously, CIT was applied separately on non-deductible expenses and distributed financial profit. The new ongoing financial regime has brought various changes; such as 10% CIT across the board. However, simple it may sound, there are numerous complexities as to what constitutes taxable profit. Whether the assets were transferred to accumulated profits before revaluation or later. Whether the profit was distributed or refunneled into the business, so on and so forth.

Learn about taxes

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