Registration services in North Macedonia

To process of registering a company in North Macedonia starts with submitting three names for the company to the concerning government body. Filling up the form, verification, defining the scope business, submitting details about stakeholders, board of directors and so on, are steps that follow.

Its quiet a list, and we understand the needs and requirements to follow each step meticulously. Our registration services are handled by experts who have years of collective experience and knowledge in their particular fields.

Partnering with us will ensure that your process is achieves success as per your roadmap.

Company registration

North Macedonia is a business-friendly country, and thus welcomes all and every business enterprise to operate within and from the country.

Virtual office registration

Thankfully, North Macedonia allows and welcomes businesses to establish a virtual office in the country. Whether it’s a soler proprietary, LLC, or a JSC, you can have a virtual office in North Macedonia.

All the information and assistance you need is available with us and at your disposal.

Legal address registration

While filling out the registration form it is essential to provide a) scope of business and b) and the physical or virtual address of the company among other things.

Location of the office is important if the business activities require high-level meetings and direct client dealing. A smart address can add great value to the business and in many cases the sales pitch is half successful if the address on the business card impresses the customer.

Trademark registration

Your trademark is the first unique entity that makes your services and products unique in the market. A trademark may be applied for by a legal entity or a person, but it is essential to know what can and can’t be trademarked.

Minute details may deem your trademark application declined; hence it is crucial to know all the details. Therefore, in order to make an irrefutable application, all ‘I’s must be dotted and all ‘T’s crossed.

Brand-name registration

The entire business revolves around a brand. Brand’ perception in the target audience, brand’s promise and performance, etc. collectively make up a brand’s equity and thus derives sales.

It is obligatory for foreign applicants that their application is represented by a trademark attorney registered in North Macedonia. Furthermore, since the brand registration is good for 10 years, and renewal has to be applied at least 12 months before expiry.

Patent registration

All patents filed in North Macedonia must be in the official language, i.e. Macedonian. A translation of the application must be submitted within 90 days if otherwise.

Business opportunities in North Macedonia

North Macedonia offers productive trade opportunities in many industries across various sectors. Energy, transportation, IT, Construction, tourism, and agriculture are a few areas that hold a promising present and future.

Our business consultants and market experts will walk you through areas where you can make incentivized investments and reap huge benefits over time. Our in-depth market research and analyses enable us to make informative decisions at the right time and in the right place on your behalf.

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