Business transfer in North Macedonia

There is a lot more that goes into business transfers than meets the eyes. From streamlining the assets, liabilities, and capital to the documentation requirements. Compliance with the local laws at each step is vital to the process, as one wrong move can halt the entire process.

Our company provides you with a professional helping hand to expedite the process while saving valuable time and cost for all stakeholders.

Types of business transfers

Transfer business ownership

From several methods to transfer business ownership, we assist you in choosing the one that best suits your current and future needs.

Transfer business assets

While the acquisition of a company is taking place, assets get transferred to the new ownership, if such is agreed upon. It is a delicate process, and many minor details have to be carefully taken care of.

From our years of experience, we have designed a solution that offers a systematic approach to handle complex asset transfers ensuring these assets have no strings attached to the previous management. The solution also ensures that the company assets are being moved away from is neither facing insolvency nor dissolution so as to obstruct the creditor’s claims.

Transfer business material portion

Acquisitions, shareholding, reapportionments, mergers, etc. are all different forms of transfer of business. Requirements for each type of transfer are different from the other and it is prudent to have experienced people handling the situation.

We have the skills and the experience to oversee that your business transfers go smooth and hassle-free.

Transfer agreement and documents

A business transfer agreement is a document containing the terms and conditions of the business transfer as agreed upon by all stakeholders. Some of the documentation requirements for such an agreement are: 

  • Business sale/purchase agreement,
  • Bank statements of the company assets are being moved away from,
  • List of directors/owners,
  • List of employees,
  • Accounting records,
  • Payroll.

While the list seems sizeable apparently, it is by no means simple. Differentiating receivables from bad debts and payables from write-offs takes focus, experience, and time. We are here to share your burden by preparing each document with utmost care and expediting the process.

Key points of business transfer

If executed perfectly, a business transfer is probably the most efficient way to own a lucrative business or some part of it. Essentially, a business transfer allows the buyer to handpick only the assets they plan to acquire while leaving the others. A few basic things to bear in mind before committing to a business transfer are: 

  1. Transferability of the selected assets (licenses, permits, patents, property, etc.),
  2. Continuity of operations,
  3. Limitations and responsibilities of existing contracts, agreements, and trades,
  4. Time to be spent for the business transfer process,
  5. Assessing liabilities of the target business,
  6. Studying tax parameters.

Transfer business with us

We have a long list of successful business transfers to our credit. The holistic services we offer encompass every aspect of the process, ensuring nothing gets overlooked. From initial assessment to the final execution, our team of experts stays on top of the game.

North Macedonia has an ideal business environment. A perfect location for your investment and reap the benefits of flat tax rates and tax exemption policies. The ease of doing business in North Macedonia is next to few other countries in the world.

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