Business setup in North Macedonia

Broadly speaking, Macedonians are a very warm and welcoming folk. The business environment in the country encourages new entrants placing it in the 17th position on the list of easiest countries to do business in. The cost of living in the country is lesser than in the rest of Europe.

Our services extend beyond the usual setup and assistance. We ensure that our clients’ businesses flourish with time. And they reap all the benefits of the North Macedonian business and tax environment.

Business setup solutions

Setting up a new business comes with its embedded challenges. Identifying the target audience, analyzing needs, designing an adequate product/service, and ensuring flawless delivery are some of the many questions you must answer. Thankfully, our 360-business methodology encompasses every aspect of the process. Providing you with a turn-key solution to a promising new business. 

Document drafting

Compliance is the key to a smooth setup process. All compliance is backed with appropriate documentation. From rental agreements to legal permits, everything requires proper documentation.

With us on board, you don’t need to worry about documentation at all. Our experts know exactly what documents are needed and when. The proper permits, registrations, and guarantees required are all produced in a timely fashion ensuring that you get the best services always!

Legal address registration

Having a registered address to business is as important as your brand name. It is equivalent to the first impression of your business. Our team of experts is all in to get your address registered with the concerned authorities so that you can focus on other important matters.

Corporate bank account opening

You can be operating from anywhere in the world, we can assist you in having a corporate bank account in North Macedonia. Providing the financial and other details to the bank and submitting the required forms, is easier with us on board. Not only that, we can perform your transactions and maintain the account in your absence in manner you would want.

Company registration

The process of registering a company starts with an application. Submission of forms, audit reports and many other steps follow suit.

Do get in touch, our experienced representatives will assist you with company registration with dedicated attention and focus.

Business Plan

The age-old adage “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail” is most accurate in the business scenario. A business plan is the backbone of a business, the source of direction. It is always prudent to have a detailed business plan customized to that particular business right from the beginning. Easier said than done, oftentimes preparing a business plan is painstaking and most of the time, a generic business plan is tweaked to fit the bill.

Market research

Answering the mysterious 5 W’s well before you even start the business is the key to a successful business enterprise; the “who, what, when, where, and why? Though subjective, a very close to reality answer can be found for each of the five W’s above through a well carried out market research.   

Market entry

Now that you have found the answers to the 5 W’s, the next question awaiting answer is how? How to enter the market? how to get customers attention? how to create parity? and how to stand out from the clutter?

Business registration

There are certain steps that need to be taken before applying for registration. Such as deciding on a legal name, structure of business (partnership, LLC, etc.), office location, accounting and finances, etc.

Get started

We value your time, money, and efforts. Our solutions are designed to provide assistance to our clients from start to finish. From pre-registration groundwork to market research and beyond.

We ensure that you business is up and running within the time frame you have allotted.

Business opportunities in North Macedonia

North Macedonia in recent years has emerged to be a promising location for flourishing economic activities. Despite of the worldwide lockdown and pandemic, the inflation in the country remains well under 3%, showing the fortified wealth system and stable currency. In terms of trade volume, the most successful sectors are the Information Technology, energy, construction, travel and tourism, agriculture, and machinery.

Other economic indicators such as GDP, FDI, Unemployment index, all show a stable trend, meaning that the country has powerful shock proof economy.

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